Building Industry



Here at Dinya Shopfittings, we have worked with a wide range of businesses within the building industry. We have come to realize that they require special needs when it comes to Slatwalls and Slatwall fittings. Flooring businesses such as tile shops, paver shops, and carpet retailers, to name a few, have all come to us for help when it comes to fitting out their showroom.

Most tile shops are now switching over to our black slatwalls with black extrusions for a more dynamic effect. When displaying their tiles, pavers, carpets, or any building product sample, they know that customers don’t want to see the wall and that the product is the hero.

We have also created specially designed slatwall hooks for displaying tiles on slatwalls. One of these is our Slatwall black bent hooks, a favorite among all tile shop retailers. With the black bent hook, the tile will sit at a slight angle to capture the light. Some tile shop owners prefer our Tile hook/plate to hang their tiles as it gives the effect of a floating tile.

Along with these Slatwall accessories, our acrylic range has also made an impact on showrooms. Slatwall acrylics like the 100mm x 300mm flat acrylic slatwall hanger and 300mm x 300mm flat acrylic slatwall hanger are ideal when displaying mosaics and the 170mm x 150mm slatwall acrylics are great when displaying samples next to any flooring range.

These are only a few of the slatwall fitting accessories that have been mentioned that go with our slatwalls. Business owners now have the comfort of mixing our slatwall flooring fittings to create any concept.

With our centre bay slatwall gondolas we have created them so that you can run as many as you like in a row and then finish them off with our end bay slatwall gondola. We know that customers are always asking you for samples, so we made our gondolas with hidden draws at the bottom to keep all your samples safe and ready for when customers ask for them.

The slatwall gondolas come on wheels, making them easy to move around and change the look of any showroom within minutes.

With so many slatwall tile fittings and tile stands, they are sure to help you optimize your showroom.

Browse our range and contact one of our staff members for any inquiries.