Acrylic Slatwall Accessories and Fittings

Acrylic is transparent, durable, lightweight, and is available in various shapes and colours. Acrylic has so much to offer and retailers can largely benefit from the acrylic point of sale displays.

If you are after a point-of-purchase display that is both eye-catching and transparent, acrylic is the solution. Acrylic retail displays come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and it offers you the option to showcase all your business items.

Acrylic is also known as plexiglass, it is versatile and Acrylic plastic is quite famous for its transparency. With the help of this transparent material, you can draw the customers to the items on display.

Retailers who are looking for eye-catching and memorable elements for the product displays should go for acrylic.

They are ideal for retails who want to display their items without compromising the transparency. As they are both reliable and lightweight, they are the preferred choice for retailers.

We have a wide range of products suitable for exhibition displays or retail space.

Our retail acrylic display products offer a wide range of display solutions – acrylic bridges, platforms, acrylic risers, acrylic shelves,
acrylic holder and stepped display stands are suitable for displaying very small to large items. Acrylic poster and menu stands and holders to help with your in-store promotions.

We offer a large selection of freestanding, slatwall mounted acrylics, multi-tiered and brochure holders, point of sale display products. Our range of display bridges can also be bought in sets of different sizes or individually.

Browse our extensive range of slatwall acrylics and counter display acrylics. If there is something that you need and we do not have it, we can get it.

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