• Black L Shape Edging Trim

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  • Black Slatwall Insert 1200mm

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  • Black Slatwall Insert 2400mm

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  • L Shape Edging Trim – Aluminium

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  • Slatwall Insert 1200mm

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  • Slatwall Insert 2400mm

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  • T Shape Joining Trim

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Slatwall Trims and Extrusions

Our slatwall’s come with the extrusions already in them for your convenience.

The slatwall extrusions come in either mill finish or in black.

We do not sell plastic slatwall extrusions as they are not as good as the aluminium inserts.

Our Black Aluminium T Extrusion for Slat Panel come in 2400mm and 1200mm and can be cut to size (cutting fee may apply). They are used in supermarket display shelves , shelving for convenience store and many other retail display solutions.

The Aluminium T Extrusion are for use with grooved MDF slat panel.

Slatwall inserts increase the load-bearing ability.

Slatwall T shape dividers will vertically fit between slatwalls to improve the appearance and the L shape edging trims will finish off any slatwall end to give it a complete finish.

Our Black Aluminium Extrusion are electroplated so they a long lasting and harder to scratch.

We pride ourselves on

Superior quality Aluminium T Extrusion for Slat Wall Panels

  • Aluminium T Extrusion is milled to a superior quality profile
  • Using only the highest of quality in materials
  • The T- profile offers maximum strength for merchandising and ensures a smooth fit into the grooved panels

Our slatwalls come with all the inserts already in them, however please do not forget to order your additional slatwall joining inserts when purchasing Landscape slatwalls and planning to stack them on top of each other to get  a seamless finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts?

Yes all our slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts. Please call us if you require them without.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

You may choose your preferred shipping method at checkout. Customer collection or pickup with your own courier is also an option.

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes we proudly ship Australia wide.

Is the price advertised include GST?

Yes all our prices are GST inclusive. There are no hidden costs.