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Gondola shelving units from Dinya Designs are a great choice for retailers and business owners looking to organise their merchandise. Each shelf holds a large capacity of items and can be customised with adjustable heights, lengths and depths.

Our retail gondola shelving systems and gondola shelf brackets allow for a variety of configurations. Thanks to the wide range of components, you can modularly design and merchandise your retail space to your liking. Available in many sizes, so you can choose the depth and height that best displays your products. We stock gondola shelving and gondola shelf brackets in a beautiful gloss white and textured black finish.

Gondola double-sided shelving can increase space, functionality, and accessibility, enhance the appearance of your retail store, and ease the shopping experience for customers at any business. With our high-quality gondola shelving systems, organising merchandise for your retail store has never been easier!

Gondola Display Shelving – Gondola Melbourne

Looking for a gondola in Melbourne? Look no further than Dinya Designs!

Volcano Metal Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Our Volcano panel gondola shelving is a super heavy-duty system. Each panel is punched in with recessed holes that look like volcanos. This creates a stronger panel than the usual flat pegboard panel gondola.

Plain Panel Gondola Shelving

Plain panel backing is ideal if you only need items displayed on a shelf. It is not suitable for hang-sell products. This style of shelving has a clean and professional finish and puts the focus on your product.

Slatwall Gondola Shelving

Our heavy-duty slatwall gondolas also fit on the gondola shelving. With the metal Slatwall panels, you get an in-between look allowing you to display hang-sell products while still having that none hardware look.

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What is a gondola display?

A gondola display is a great way to showcase your products in a retail setting. It consists of a freestanding shelving unit with either double or single-sided shelves and is typically placed in highly visible or high-traffic areas such as the centre aisle of your store. Not only do gondola displays help with warehouse organisation, but they can also provide visual interest for your customers. Gondola double-sided shelving is ideal for organising your retail space or warehouse!

With its open structure, the layout is easy to change and rearrange, showcasing a larger range of product offerings. Plus, their sturdy design makes them strong enough to hold heavy items. Think of it as an aesthetic workhorse that can help boost impulse purchases for the items displayed, while keeping everything organised and neat.

What's a gondola shelf?

Gondola shelves are a great way to add extra storage space and visual appeal to any room. They're essentially standing shelves or racks with an open design and structure on which items can be placed for maximum visibility.

Gondola shelves are popular in retail stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, convenience stores, and service stations because of their sturdy, clean and professional finish.

Why is it called gondola shelving?

Gondola shelving has a lot of different names and it can be confusing to keep them straight but the origin of the name is interesting. It's called gondola shelving because its shape resembles that of a traditional Venetian gondola.

Just like the gondola boats in Venice, which have long curves in the front and back, with an upright wall between them, so too does gondola shelving have its own unique curved lines on either side.