Acrylic Display Shelves

High-Quality Acrylic Shelves
Dinya Designs offers acrylic display shelves perfect for any shop, office, or home. These sleek, elegant pieces help showcase your favourite items while staying space conscious and adding extra light and texture to the room. Acrylic is a beautiful material that provides a unique look with its translucent nature and lightweight feel.

Specialising in retail shop fittings, Dinya Designs proudly celebrates the versatility of acrylic with modern pieces that can accentuate any decor, from professional settings to living spaces. Our versatile display shelves come in various shapes and sizes so you can choose according to your own desires! Looking for acrylic holders or acrylic risers? Look no further.

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How are acrylic display shelves mounted?

Mounting acrylic display shelves is easy and hassle-free! All that's needed is the right mounting supplies. Acrylic display shelves are typically installed with either screws or double-sided adhesive. When attaching with screws, it's best to use countersunk screws that will create a flush finish.

If you opt for adhesive, make sure to check that your chosen adhesive can bond securely on both surfaces – acrylic and wall. Once everything is set in place, you can start arranging your items on the display shelf and enjoy having a beautiful room addition!

How do you clean acrylic display shelves?

Keeping your acrylic display shelves clean is easy and doesn't require the use of any harsh chemicals. Start by wiping away dust with a damp, lint-free cloth, then follow up with a streak-free glass cleaner. Make sure to avoid abrasive products as they can leave behind scratches and cloud the plastic.

For stubborn marks, try using equal parts warm water and rubbing alcohol and apply it with a soft cloth. The silicone in the rubbing alcohol can help break down the deposit without harming the plastic. When you're finished, dry off the surface with another lint-free cloth to get your acrylic shelves looking their best!

Can acrylic display shelves be customised?

Acrylic display shelves provide a great way to show off any of your favourite items or stock. And with custom designs available, you can make sure that they are tailored to fit your retail set-up or home decor perfectly.

From selecting sizes and shapes to finding the right hardware, you can create a custom acrylic shelf that adds just the right touch of personalisation to any space. Once customised, you can display your retail products in categories that suit your needs, with prices and details clearly displayed. The result is eye-catching shelves that look both professional and elegant. Plus the durable design of these shelves means they'll last for many years to come. 

So, if you're looking for a unique way to showcase your stock or most prized possessions, a customised acrylic display shelf may be just what you need!