Acrylic Holders

With Dinya Designs, you can upgrade and customise your retail space with sleek, modern acrylic sign holders. The clear style of a free-standing acrylic stand allows a sleek look without taking away from the aesthetic of any room. Not only do they look stylish and cool, but they also offer convenience in keeping things well-organised.

Acrylic is transparent, durable, lightweight, and available in various shapes and colours. Acrylic has so much to offer and retailers can largely benefit from acrylic point-of-sale displays. Retailers who are looking for eye-catching and memorable elements for their product displays should go for acrylic sign holders – it’ll be sure to level up your business.

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What sizes do acrylic sign holders come in?

Acrylic sign holders come in a variety of sizes, giving you the opportunity to find the one just right for your signs. From compact, pocket-size designs that measure 4" x 6" to large-scale versions that are larger than 11", you'll find sign holders with portrait, landscape, and square orientations. These acrylic sign holders are great because they can accommodate a variety of printed materials like documents, flyers, photos or announcements, making them flexible and reliable signage solutions. 

They also provide clear visibility and optimum protection against tearing or wear and tear – perfect for any business that is looking for versatility without compromising on quality!

What thickness of acrylic is best for sign holders?

Choosing the best thickness of acrylic for an acrylic sign holder depends on a few factors. Generally speaking, thicker acrylic (anywhere from 3mm to 10mm) is going to be most suitable for holders that will stand upright because this makes them much sturdier and less prone to tipping. Thinner acrylic (1-3 mm) is still strong enough, but would be more suited towards holders that hang or ones with harder material supports like metal or wood. 

The weight of the sign and its desired placement should be taken into consideration when picking out the right acrylic. Having a good balance between thickness and durability should help you make an informed decision when buying your sign holders!

Can acrylic sign holders be used outdoors?

Yes! Acrylic sign holders are made from a sturdy material that stands up well to adverse weather conditions without warping, cracking or fading. It also keeps your signage looking presentable and professional even in harsher climates. So if you're looking for a way to get your message out there regardless of the weather, acrylic sign holders are definitely a great option.

How are acrylic sign holders mounted?

Installing an acrylic sign holder is easy and requires only a few common tools. Mounting brackets easily attach with mounting screws and bolts and may be placed firmly against walls or other structural surfaces, depending on the support desired.

Acrylic sign holders stand out due to their sturdiness and durability, making them well-suited for both indoor and outdoor settings. Signs printed with vibrant colours are highlighted by acrylic sign holders, creating attractive displays that help get noticed.