Peg Board Accessories

We’ve got your pegboard needs covered!

Dinya Designs brings a wide array of options to the table when it comes to peg board accessories. Whether you’re looking to fit out your store, hang your tools, or organise utensils in your kitchen, Dinya Designs has what you need.

Pegboard Pegs

We understand the importance of having an organised environment and making sure that each product meets the highest quality standards. With an extensive range of colours, styles, and configurations available on our website, finding the ideal set of accessories for your pegboard pegs is easy.

Pegboard panels, heavy-duty pegboard hooks, and more!

Cut clutter while getting organised with these multi-functional helpers. Peg that cluttered kitchen drawer to the wall and make meal prep easier than ever. Declutter the workspace by adding peg board pegs and free up extra space to get creative. So don’t delay – grab some peg board pegs from Dinya Designs today!

About our metal pegboards

Metal pegboards are superior to masonite pegboards in many ways:

  • They can carry more weight
  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • Will not swell when in contact with moisture
  • Powder-coated

Our black metal pegboards were designed with you in mind. We wanted to provide a pegboard that was easy to handle and easy to install without incurring extra costs, and we have achieved that. Our pegboards are now shipped throughout Australia. They are installed in retail shops, and hardware stores, and used for garage storage, gun safes, and many more things.

Our pegboard hooks and accessories are a perfect match for all your storage solutions!

Browse our shelving systems

Retail display systems, glass shelves, slatwall displays and more!

From slat panels to retail shelves and gondola shelf brackets, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for acrylic shelves, acrylic risers, data strip label holders, or other helpful storage solutions? Browse our website or get in touch today!


What hooks do you use on a pegboard?

An essential part of organising your workspace is choosing the right hooks for your pegboard. Pegboards are an incredibly versatile way to create storage and organisation in any room. Fortunately, it can be easy to find quality hooks that hold on tight and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to suit all of your organisational needs.

Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty S-Hooks to hang industrial tools and machinery or ball-shaped hooks to hang lighter items like paintbrushes, there are plenty of colourful options out there for pegboards. Whichever hook you choose will make it easier to store items off the floor and utilise pegboard space – so let’s get organised!

Are pegboard hooks universal?

While some versions of pegboard hooks fit into any kind of standard pegboard – whether wooden or metal – other designs are not so easily interchangeable. The best way to know if the pegboard hooks you have are universal is to look at the measurements and ensure that they fit your standard hole size.

That being said, it never hurts to do a little poking around for compatible peg board accessoriesstrong>, especially since most times you can find better deals online than in brick-and-mortar stores.

How much weight can a pegboard hook hold?

Peg board hooks are a handy, versatile tool for organising and storing all sorts of items. But when it comes to heavier loads, you may be wondering just how much weight can a pegboard hook can actually hold.

Most peg board hooks on the market today are designed to safely hold up to 2 kgs of weight per hook. This means that with multiple hooks you can hang heavier items without the risk of those items coming loose or breaking the pegboard.

For additional security, there are heavy-duty and super heavy-duty single hooks available that can hold a heavier weight securely which might be more suitable and durable.

What is a pegboard used for?

A pegboard is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways. It's made of hard material like wood or plastic and has small holes which objects can be slotted into. In the kitchen, it can help organise pots, pans, and utensils, but it also works for other items like gardening tools and small pieces of electrical equipment.

Some people use it to hang clothing and accessories as an alternative to closets, while others arrange arts materials in an organised way on their pegboard. While pegboards are common in workshops and art studios, they're a great addition to any shop or retail space because you can customise them however you wish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts?

Yes all our slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts. Please call us if you require them without.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

You may choose your preferred shipping method at checkout. Customer collection or pickup with your own courier is also an option.

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes we proudly ship Australia wide.

Is the price advertised include GST?

Yes all our prices are GST inclusive. There are no hidden costs.