Clear Data Strip Label Holder 1200mm


Clear Data Strip Label Holder 1200mm

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Data Strips

Our data strip label holder collection

Display key information with retail data strips

Dinya Designs is a leading provider of data strips and other solutions to keep your products organised. Data strips are flexible and lightweight, making them ideal for stacking, hanging, and displaying merchandise depending on your product type.

Easy to use plastic strips and price holders

A data strip label holder is a long thin holder that sits at your shelf edge, into which you slot inserts to display prices and product information about the products sitting above. Attach this Flat Shelf Data Strip design with an adhesive back directly to your scanner rail, with no extra fittings required.

When it comes to pricing strips, Dinya Designs offers a range of colours, sizes, and lengths to accommodate various merchandise needs from retail stores to medical facilities. Dinya Designs also provides comprehensive customer service with trained technicians available for installation or repair services.

As a premium shopfittings store in Melbourne, let Dinya Designs help you stay organised with our reliable solutions! From affordable data strips to retail display shelving, and fixed wall-mounted shelving, we have all your shopfitting needs covered.

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Retail display systems, glass shelves, slatwall displays and more!

From conventional labels and glass display counters to tiered display shelves for your retail space, we’ll help you out.

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What is a data strip?

A data strip is a thin plastic device that is found on the edge of shelving systems in retail stores and supermarkets, used to hold paper labels and pricing tags. Data stripping adds a professional touch to the shelf and makes it easier for customers to find the right product. By hanging data strips on flat surfaces, this shelf stripping will make your shop easier to navigate.Data strips are typically made of durable plastic so that they can last a long time even when exposed to harsh handling in the shopping environment. Since the adhesive strip attaches easily onto shelves, there’s no need for drilling or heavy construction work!

How do I apply the data strips to my shelf?

Applying data strips to a shelf doesn’t have to be intimidating. All you need are the right tools and a little know-how.Before you begin, make sure that the data strips match up correctly with your shelf’s dimensions. To attach your data strips to the shelf, use a strong adhesive tape or glue that is designed for use on wood or metal.Start by cutting off equal lengths of the adhesive, then press the ends of the data strip firmly onto each side, making sure they line up neatly. Allow ample time for the adhesive to tack and bond before handling.

With just a few steps and supplies, you’re on your way to creating an organised display space with beautiful data strips!

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