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Dinya Designs offers a wide variety of gorgeous and highly functional slatwall shelving solutions, perfect for transforming your retail space into a fun and inviting environment.

Our slatwall shelving comes in a wide range, such as metal chrome or black, and is strong and long-lasting. Other options would be wooden MDF shelves, which are much stronger than the particle board shelves that most other shopfitting places provide (MDF is an engineered wood composite, similar to particle board, but is much denser and stronger than particle board).

Our slatwall retail shelves and slatwall brackets come in a range of sizes and colours and are ideal for a range of uses. Our slatwall shelving panels are strong enough to be used as a garage storage solution and elegant enough to be used in any retail display. Other shelving options include glass shelving and acrylic shelves.

Shop Display Systems

Our slat wall panel displays, made with durable materials and built-in design features such as grooves and slots accommodating accessories, are easy to install yet strong and sturdy – exactly what you need to securely show off your products.

And here's the best part: Dinya Designs provides custom slat wall systems that are tailored to fit any space, giving you the freedom to create an eye-catching display while maximising retail floor space. If your retail display requires a custom solution or bulk purchase of the best quality shop fittings and shelving, at Dinya Designs we bridge that gap and can be the source for your needs. Get in touch or shop online with us today!

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From slat panels and retail store displays to glass shelves for your store, home, or office, we’ve got you covered.

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How much weight can a slatwall shelving hold?

Slatwall shelving is a great way to add storage without taking up too much space. The amount of weight each shelf can hold varies based on the materials and type of slatwall used, but a good rule of thumb is to look at the manufacturer's maximum load weight recommendations.

If you are displaying items that may vary in size and weight, you should also keep an eye out for weight distribution guidelines.

It's important to make sure that the wall you are attaching your shelves to is structurally sound so it can support whatever you plan on putting on it! With these few precautions in mind, slatwall shelving makes a great addition to any space.

What is the purpose of a slatwall?

A slat wall is the perfect organisational solution for any office or home storage needs. It allows you to store and organise items of various sizes neatly and efficiently as its panels provide plenty of room for multiple hooks and accessories.

Not only does it create a neater, more inviting look, but it also allows for easy changes so you can easily rearrange your items as needed. Slat walls can be used to hold anything from smaller items like documents to larger items like books and even sports equipment. It is the perfect adjustable slatwall shelving system that can fit any need big or small.

Can you put shelves on slatwall?

Shelving and slatwall go hand in hand. Slatwall shelving is a great way to add more space to any wall, and shelves provide the perfect complement to your slatwall display.

From light-duty structures for displaying lightweight products on the wall, to heavy-duty shelving designed specifically for slat walls, these two storage solutions are an effortless combination that will give any room a touch of style as well as maximum storage potential.

Add slatwall shelves to your walls today and unlock their full organising potential!

Where should slat walls be placed?

Slatwall shelving has become a popular way to add an extra touch of style and organisation to any room. Placing them correctly can make all the difference in your space!

In general, walls next to windows are great spots for slat walls because they provide an opportunity to spruce up any otherwise plain wall. Areas where you frequently move throughout such as entryways or mudrooms are also ideal locations – a slat wall here can help keep life organised and clutter at bay. Wherever you choose to place your slat wall displays, it’s an incredibly convenient solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts?

Yes all our slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts. Please call us if you require them without.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

You may choose your preferred shipping method at checkout. Customer collection or pickup with your own courier is also an option.

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes we proudly ship Australia wide.

Is the price advertised include GST?

Yes all our prices are GST inclusive. There are no hidden costs.