Premium Slat Wall Systems and Wall Panels

At Dinya Designs, we specialise in slatwall panels and slatwall shelving perfect for organising your merchandise. Our slat panels are durable and available in a variety of eye-catching colours and finishes, making it easy to customise your space to your style!

All about slat panels

Slatwall, also known as slat panels, slot walls, and slot panels, are timber display panels with horizontal grooves running through them. The standard size of slat walls is 2400mm wide x 1200mm high, known as landscape/horizontal slat walls.

The 1200mm wide x 2400mm high, known as portrait/vertical slatwall, the most common groove spacing (centre to centre ) is 100mm but can vary depending on requirements. Slatwall display panels can be cut to size for individual needs.

Slat panels are a convenient way to display merchandise and keep a store organised. They are typically made from aluminium or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and feature perpendicular grooves on both sides of the panel. These grooves are designed with a specific panel groove spacing that allows for accessories to be securely hung onto the slat wall panel. Horizontal grooves are great for displaying multiple items of similar sizes, such as odds and ends, jewellery, clothing hangers, etc.

Slat panels are not only versatile but also incredibly durable – making them a useful long-term solution for retailers of all kinds. Our slat panels are not only for retail shops but are also a great garage storage solution, home office, and walk-in wardrobe (turn your wardrobe into a boutique shop).

The best in slatwall brackets and gondola shelving

Our slatwall gondolas and gondola shelving are also made of the highest quality slat panels and materials and are flat-packed for low cost and easy shipping.

Our slatwall panels are available in a range of colours:

  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Beech
  • Walnut
  • Light grey

New colours are always getting added – and we even do custom colours to suit your tastes.

The Dinya Difference

At Dinya shop fittings, we are well-known for slatwall displays, shop fittings, slatwall shelving, retail shelves, glass display shelves, acrylic shelves, pegboard pegs, and other retail accessories.

As a major supplier of slatwalls in Melbourne and throughout Australia, we have worked hard to provide our customers with the best possible supplies. Our slat panels are made from E0 board and are structurally superior to many other inferior imported slatwall panels.

All our boards come with our company stamp of approval. Our slatwalls come with 1mm thick aluminium extrusions, not 0.7mm, mostly used by others and not plastic extrusions. All extrusions are already inserted into our panels and are included in the price displayed. Plus, all our prices are inclusive of GST – so there’s no hidden cost at checkout!

And don’t forget to finish off your slatwalls with our aluminium edging!

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From slat panels and retail store displays to glass shelves for your home or office, we’ve got you covered. Browse our website or get in touch today!


Can you cut slatwall panels?

Slat wall panels are an incredibly versatile and effective way to store and display items in a neat, organised manner. You may be wondering if it's possible to cut slatwall panels to fit your home or store layout better.

The good news is that with the right tools, you can indeed cut slatwall panels! A jigsaw should do the trick, allowing you to easily make custom cuts into the panel that suit your needs. Measuring twice and cutting once will guarantee you end up with the most aesthetically pleasing results – plus it keeps dust and wood chips down to a minimum.

What is the purpose of a slat wall panel?

A wall of slat panels offers a great storage solution for homeowners and businesses alike. It's an excellent way to organise any space and make it look more attractive.

Not only does a slatwall help keep your space tidier, but it can also make savings from the wasted time that comes with looking for where you have stored something.

How strong is a slat wall panel?

Slatwall is an incredibly strong and durable material, often used for a variety of purposes in homes, stores, and factories. It's specifically designed to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for any kind of heavy-duty task you might have in mind.

Not only are slat panels made out of steel or aluminium, but it also features a slatted pattern that distributes weight evenly over their surface, increasing their strength even further. Put simply: you won't find many surfaces that can stand up to slatwall!

Add slatwall shelves to your walls today and unlock their full organising potential!

Are slatwall accessories interchangeable?

Many slatwall accessories are designed to be interchangeable between different manufacturers, so it’s easy to display products and shop supplies. This means you can add artistic flair or practicality to your display to bring out your store's unique identity and make the most use of your wall space.

Whether it’s baskets, hooks or shelves, you can find a variety of slatwall accessories that will work with whatever type of merchandising you want to do! With all these cost-effective options available, there really is something for every shop owner and customer alike!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts?

Yes all our slatwalls come with the aluminium inserts. Please call us if you require them without.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

You may choose your preferred shipping method at checkout. Customer collection or pickup with your own courier is also an option.

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes we proudly ship Australia wide.

Is the price advertised include GST?

Yes all our prices are GST inclusive. There are no hidden costs.